How to prepare to iOS 15 update

A Privacy-First Web – Data Privacy: Apple iOS Updates & How To Prepare

In our first post of our Privacy First series we highlighted changes Google is making to Chrome and Chromium based browsers by ending third-party cookie tracking. We also highlighted the following from Pew Research Center: 72% of people feel that almost all of what they do online is being tracked by advertisers, technology firms or […]

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A Privacy-First Web The Death of 3P Cookies: What Marketers Need to Know

Google’s decision to phase out the use of third-party cookies on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers has created a lot of discussion surrounding privacy and the use of online trackers to deliver marketing content. The phase out was initially announced in February 2020, but has created buzz in recent months due to Google’s decision to stop […]

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Don’t Stop Communicating: Why Your Customers Need to Hear from You Now and How Digital Marketing Can Help

We are truly living in unprecedented times. Three weeks ago, people in a majority of cities were going to restaurants, shops and still gathering in groups of larger than ten people. Now, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are numerous cities enforcing stay-at-home orders for their citizens. This has meant closures or adjusted hours for […]

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