Google Shopping & Facebook Ads for eCommerce Websites

Whether you are someone who is just starting out with an online shop or if you are an experienced seller, eCommerce is one of the best methods for making money online. The key to your success is based on how many qualified buyers you can direct to your website. The fastest route to increase traffic […]

A Privacy-First Web – Data Privacy: Facebook & Instagram App Tracking

If you’ve been following along in our 3-part series about a privacy-first web you are probably aware consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about what marketers, brands and publishers know about them and how their data is being used.  With the latest iOS 14.5 update there are new opt-in requirements, requiring developers to receive user consent […]

A Privacy-First Web The Death of 3P Cookies: What Marketers Need to Know

Google’s decision to phase out the use of third-party cookies on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers has created a lot of discussion surrounding privacy and the use of online trackers to deliver marketing content. The phase out was initially announced in February 2020, but has created buzz in recent months due to Google’s decision to stop […]