Understanding Facebook’s New Algorithm

With the start of 2018, Mark Zuckerberg and the whole Facebook team have decided to change the focus of the platform to more meaningful social interactions for users. So, what does that mean for businesses? Businesses are going to have to change the content of their posts and the way they entice users to interact on their posts. Here are some tips to make your company’s posts correlate with the new algorithm.

5 Tips For Successful Posts in 2018

1. Marketers should now focus on creating content that allows users to have back-and-forth discussions with one another. Examples of this would be posting about a local event that is going on in the community or current events going on in the world, and having people share their opinions or experiences which will allow social engagement.

2. “Engagement bait” tactics are no longer going to work. What does this mean? It is strongly discouraged to ask people to like/share/comment/react/vote on your post in order to win a giveaway or contest because this content is now going to be pushed to the bottom of Facebook’s newsfeed.

3. Facebook has created a new feature where users are able to create 3D images and videos. This is encouraged because this is the type of content users can interact with. Examples of this for businesses would be creating a 3D image of your product. Once that is posted, users would be able to zoom in on the image and drag it around to look at it from all angles.

4. On Facebook’s news feed, websites with faster loading times are now going to be prioritized, so make sure the link you are incorporating in your post doesn’t have a long wait time or technical difficulties. Studies have shown that 40% of users abandon a site after a 3 second delay because of frustration and you don’t want your posts associated with unreliable content.

5. The news feed is automatically going to bury posts or Facebook ads that include links to low-quality websites. It is now vital to make sure all information you are posting comes from reliable sources because users have complained about getting sent to “spammy” sites.

Although this new algorithm is going to create challenges for marketers, it is still possible for dealerships to reach their intended audience. Facebook is prioritizing user engagement with one another, so that should now be the goal for all marketers when creating content to post on social platforms.



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