How to Get More Leads From Your Website

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Everyone in almost any industry knows that the success of your company relies heavily on sales leads. Capturing leads is the main intent behind most of your marketing efforts, whether you are making a commercial, putting up a billboard or hosting an event on behalf of your company. It can be difficult to know if you could be generating more leads on your website and how to go about it, so we have listed three important factors below to help you be successful.

1. Attract The Right People

The first step in generating quality leads is to attract people who are interested in your product or service. It sounds simple- but all too often companies invest their marketing dollars on audiences who have little to no interest in their business. I recommend looking at your current online marketing and asking the following questions:

Who are we trying to target with our advertising budget?
Do we cast a wide net and hope for the best or are we targeting people in our area who are shopping for the products that we sell? (Hint: you want to make sure you are doing the latter.)

Does our online marketing traffic convert at a similar rate to our organic traffic? (If it’s significantly lower- the marketing is performing poorly)
Marketing to the wrong audience will cripple your lead volume. Make sure that you are talking to the people who care about your products and have the potential to convert.

2. Funnel Website Visitors Towards Conversion

After getting the right people to your site, it’s important that you focus your attention to ensuring your site visitors convert. This is where your website’s structure and design comes into play.. The #1 reason people visit your website is to buy your product or learn more about your services. Site visitors should be able to easily find and shop your products and services directly from your homepage. The more pages (and clicks) that stand between them to convert, the more likely they are to leave your site and look elsewhere. A great way to check the success of your website design is to log into your Google Analytics and view your pages per session and your bounce rate. If your average pages/session is under 5 or your bounce rate exceeds 35% you might want to start looking at ways to improve your website design. (Or call us!)

3. Include The Right Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

As stated in the above points, we’re firm believers that your best leads come from interested consumers shopping your product- not popup windows or other gimmicks. When people are scrolling through your website looking for a particular product or service, they’re in a great spot to convert. And that’s when they’ll want a little somethin’ more – a better offer. This is where having enticing calls-to-action can pay off. Don’t go with a generic ‘get a quote’ or ‘contact us’- give them a good reason they should hand over their contact info. For example, offer to send them the lowest listed price if they give you their email address, or offer them ‘Price Alerts’ in order to get notified if the price drops. These CTAs provide true value to the consumer and the company.

There you have it – three tips to help you convert more qualified leads from your website. Contact us to learn more about how we’re helping businesses market to the right audience, and converting them into great sales leads.


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