When it comes to watching videos on the web, it is safe to assume that most people think of YouTube. But there are a lot more ways to publish videos for your marketing needs. Not only is video marketing a great way to show off your creative and technical skills, it has become the most important trend in marketing and will likely stay at the top of the list for the next decade. 

Did you know that 72% of businesses claim video has improved their conversation rates? Take a look at these quick facts and see why it is important to include video marking into your future digital marketing strategy:

Stats from:  Single Grain

Video is the most popular medium in which consumers WANT to learn about a new product or service:

Image from: Single Grain

Having videos on your website can also boost your ranking on Google search results. If your website has videos, your site is 50x more likely to impel organic search results compared to websites that don’t include videos. Why is that you ask? People find videos more intriguing, so Google gives those websites with videos a higher ranking!

A reminder that video is not just limited to YouTube. Most social media platforms contain features that allow you to upload, edit, and personalize your videos. And it doesn’t stop there! There are a variety of ways that you can diversify your video presence online.
Video Marketing has become the frontrunner in the digital marketing world. With proven benefits to increase engagement, impressions, and sales, it should definitely be in your future marketing strategies. RideDigital and our sister company, 2448 Productions, can help showcase your story through custom videos that are unique to your business. Contact us today to improve your digital marketing strategy!


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